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Hyndman Insurance Group is an independent and locally owned and operated insurance brokerage with its head office located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Hyndman Insurance Group specializes in providing business insurance solutions to all types of businesses. We have a dedicated group of insurance professionals that are committed to the values of integrity, loyalty, professionalism, respect and community focus.

At Hyndman Insurance Group we do things a little differently. Yes, we can communicate via email, text or zoom but did you also know that we have real people that answer the phone, we have brokers that provide answers to your questions and can even provide face to face communication with our customers. We believe that customer service is not the same for everyone so we let the customer decide.

History of Hyndman Insurance Group

Hyndman Insurance Group was established in the reorganization of Hyndman & Company Limited. The operations were established by Frederick William Hyndman and was named St. Lawrence Marine Underwriters. The company commenced business as Hyndman Brothers, on August 6, 1872 and advertised itself as Ship Owners, Shipping Agents, Coal Merchants and Insurance Agents.

The first marine insurance policy was written on August 27, 1872 for the account of James Duncan & Co on the freighter Brigantine ‘Juliet’, 197 tons, aged 8 years. Classed Lloyds A, from Buctouche for Liverpool, Great Britain, cost 400 pounds.

The earliest recorded life insurance sale took place on December 2, 1872, with the placement of a £300 policy on the life of Mr. James Gourlie on behalf of the Standard Life Assurance Company of Edinburgh.

The business was incorporated in 1910 as Hyndman & Company Limited and has continued under proprietorship of five succeeding generations of the Hyndman Family.

The company has constantly adapted to changing needs of the insuring public and now looks forward to a thriving future. Hyndman Insurance Group holds equity interests in Hyndman & Company, Hickey & Hyndman, Concorde Insurance, Bennett Carr Insurance, Sears Insurance, Low Insurance and Arseneault Insurance. The business has grown to 13 locations with offices in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick and places insurance coverage for over 43,000 policies per year.

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